How to prepare coconut oil lotion?

Posted on May 16, 2019 in Oils for Skin

How to prepare coconut oil lotion?

Skin is the outermost layer of the body that covers the internal organs and it is the largest organ of the body. The skin has a very important role in protecting the internal organs of the body as well they act as the first line barrier for microbial infections.

They also protect the body from the injury, regulates the temperature of the body and they are the mirror which implies the internal health status. With all these properties the weird one is they absorb around 30% of particles that you apply over the skin.

This can damage your skin badly and instead of using those commercial products you can make use of homemade coconut oil lotion which offers you lots of benefits.

Preparation of coconut oil lotion

Preparing the coconut oil lotion is not going to be the big task to accomplish it can be easily prepared with the three easy steps;

The coconut oil lotion recipe includes the collection of fresh coconut and within the 48 hours of the time, it will be get extracted so that the fresh extract will be obtained.

This pure extract will contain around 57% of Laurie acid which is the major constituents of most of the beauty care products. And the other beauty products contain this acid only at the range of 42% at the same time due to chemical incorporation it any affects your skin internally.

laurie acid

With this extracted lotion you can add Vitamin E oil and by this, you can increase their skin-healing properties.

But adding these oils are additional you can also add some other things for a fragrance like the lavender and eucalyptus products with the lotion extract.

Final thoughts

You can make coconut oil lotion in the home and this oil does not contain any artificial products with it so it is good for your skin and help to moisturize the skin.