How to make the homemade lotion?

Posted on Mar 3, 2019 in Natural Cosmetics

How to make the homemade lotion?

Preparing or making the homemade lotion is the very easiest task to accomplish and you can prepare the lotion based on your skin type.

There is a certain type of skin lotion that could be made use but before using any of the products you should have the knowledge about your skin type.

It is better to make use of artificial products because all the skincare lotions are produced with the incorporation of the chemicals so that it can damage your skin layer. It is possible to make your own base lotion with simple products.

Major ingredients to make homemade lotion

The below-mentioned ingredients for simple homemade lotion are essential;

The lotion making oils and the butter are the very important factors that are essential to make the homemade lotions. In includes sweet almond oil, Shea butter, avocado oil, sunflower oil and the ingredient you want. But these are the most common ones used to prepare the homemade lotion.

Then you have to collect the emulsifiers which is essentially part and that gives the waxy structure to the lotion.

And you have to choose the water and the other alternative liquids. You have to make use of it along with the oils, jars of butter, emulsifiers, and co-emulsifiers. The alternative may the liquids of the special additives and typically the distilled water is used as the alternative liquids.

The fragrance oil, colorant and still few things can be added to base lotion. The basic preservatives will be added along with all these that are to prevent the microbial and fungal growth.

The scent will also be preferred by some of the people to great the different fragrance.

Final words

With all these easy ingredients you could formulate the homemade body lotion it is better one to make use of homemade lotion than using the commercial one because this will be free from the toxic chemicals.